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The Law Office of Tracey R. Perlman

Estate Planning, Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury

Professional Litigation & Licensing defense

Wills and Estate Planning Columbia, SC

A legal practice focused on helping people plan for the future and helping businesses resolve their issues.

At The Law Office of Tracey R. Perlman, we’ve set ourselves apart as the leading attorney services provider in the Columbia, South Carolina region after many hard years of work – and we are proud of the results that we’ve achieved on behalf of our clients. We have focused our legal practice areas to help individuals with any needs in these areas, which means that you can trust us for any situation that crops up. Our primary aim is to get the outcome that you’re searching for, and by extension, to deliver complete satisfaction to each and every party that we serve. We’re hugely successful in these matters, which is why we receive so many proposals and requests from client referrals and word of mouth. Consider, as well, the affordable pricing structures that we bring to the table, which are designed in such a way so as to allow us to serve the entirety of our community.

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We’ve done our utmost to assemble a narrow focus on certain areas of litigation and legal representation so that we can completely cover the needs of our clients. Implementing a focused approach has worked wonderfully over the years. In the past, our clients have sought our expertise for professional licensing defense cases involved with Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. Clients have used our services for setting up trusts, writing wills, establishing estate plans and management, for worker's compensation, personal injury claims, and many other situations. Regardless of your legal need you can be sure that you are getting a focused professional.

If you’re in a situation where you’ve been wronged by a third party, there are usually some legal avenues you can explore to seek justice or compensation. Whether you’re looking for a worker's compensation settlement, a personal injury payment, or a defense of an attack on your professional license, it’s clear that you’re going to need the help of a professional qualified legal team.

Although it’s possible that you could represent yourself in these matters, the truth is that you stand a far better chance to achieve the ideal outcome should you place your faith in a legal team. Lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to accomplish the optimal outcomes for your situation, and since you won’t have to deal with these matters yourself, it’ll be a far less stressful and harrowing experience. As you might have guessed, we provide these services and so much more.

"I have had the pleasure of having Tracey as a defense lawyer during my LLR case. When you feel like everything you worked hard for is falling apart or your career is on the line, Tracey is the LLR Defense lawyer you need. When I found out that I had to go before the board I was a nervous wreck and very distraught. Tracey was very patient with me and explained every situation to me in detail. She was very knowledgeable about her LLR Defense strategies and my case. She took her time and gave her all to my case. Tracey was always available anytime that I needed her. She was awesome and I came out on the bright side of the tunnel thanks to her. Tracey was awesome !!" - Rashay Linder

Our Practice Areas
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Estate Planning and Wills

Hiring an estate planning service to get your affairs in order before it is too late or worse is always a smart decision. These interventions reduce the likelihood of confusion or friction once probate begins, especially when dealing with sizeable, multifaceted estates that might involve multiple families or valuable assets.  Do not wait; put a plan, a Will, and a power of attorney in place now.

Workers Compensation Columbia, SC
Worker's Compensation

Every year, employers and worker's comp insurers get away without paying out deserved compensation settlements for workers who have unfortunately suffered an injury in the workplace. The chief reason that they get away with this behavior is that workers fail to document their injuries properly. Take the time to consult with a worker's compensation attorney that can bring about justice for you. We will help you work through the process to get you the proper compensation for your work-related injuries.

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Professional Licensing Defense

If the LLR is bringing a claim against you as a result of a complaint, your professional license is in jeopardy. To bring about a strong defense, you need to use a professional license defense attorney. We have helped nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and many others to retain their licenses in the face of a complaint. We’re also available to help with appeals and consultations with the process.

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Personal Injury

If you feel that a third party’s negligence is the reason that you became injured or suffered pain, you may be eligible for some compensation from that party. We can help you build a strong case and help you through the process as we deal with insurance and other entities to seek the results that you may be entitled to.

“This was the only time I have ever needed a lawyer in my life and I feel blessed to have found Tracey. She was very knowledgeable and spot on with the outcome. I'm so glad to have her on my side." Mary White

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Legal Minds

There’s always a temptation for people to represent themselves in legal matters, in an effort to save some cash, but that’s never a good idea. Laws are complex, and even filing a claim can be a trial without any prior experience. You stand the best chance of getting what you’re looking for by using a time-tested service like ours.

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Fair Payment

Many people have the perception that they’ll need to pay a fortune for a decent lawyer, but that’s not necessarily the case. We make sure that our services are accessible and affordable, and in some cases, we’ll even work on a pro bono basis. You can always ask for some information regarding pricing during our initial consultation.

“Since meeting and working with Tracey Perlman, I have found her to be the quintessential example of professionalism, always enthusiastic about her work and professional in her job, a very savvy attorney. I feel lucky to be able to work with her, and I am proud to call her my friend..” – Barbara Scott.

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To gain the expertise of the finest Columbia, South Carolina-based attorney services, speak to our customer service representatives. You can contact them through our main telephone number during normal working hours, though you can also reach them by using our online contact form outside of those hours. Both contact points are easily accessed on our website. Give them a call now and they can deliver more information on our services, our pricing, and our availability. You’ll be doing the very best for yourself by picking up the phone without any further delay.

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