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Professional Licensing Defense

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If you are a professional that relies on an occupational license for your right to work within your field, it’s imperative that you have a good relationship with a professional licensing defense attorney that can protect you if you ever run into difficulties. The fact of the matter is that we live in an extremely litigious society, and there will be people who will try to pursue legal matters against you, even when they don’t have reasonable claims to do so. For the protection of the public, there are robust mechanisms in place to assess the competence and evaluate the actions of those with professional licenses, and an attorney with deep experience tussling with Labor, Licensing and Regulation is an excellent first port of call in these cases. Naturally, at The Law Office of Tracey R. Perlman, we’re well-placed to handle any matters that involve LLR. To find out more about what we can do for you, read on below.

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    What is Professional Licensing Defense?

    There are a number of professions in the United States which are overseen by regulatory boards and organizations, whose job is to follow up with disciplinary actions against licensees who have been accused of professional misconduct, unethical behavior, and of course, those who have been charged criminally. During these difficult times, a professional licensing attorney will step up to the plate to defend the accused party. This, essentially, is what a professional licensing defense amounts to, but there are other ways that a professional licensing attorney can prove useful for you too.


    Understanding The LLR Process

    Each year, LLR receives complaints relating to approximately 2 percent of its licensees. Complaints can be made online, in-person or by mail. Complaints can be anonymous. Once a complaint is received, it will be assigned to a complaint analyst who reviews the complaint to determine if a violation of the board's practice act may have occurred. The Complaint Analyst reviews the complaint and determines whether, assuming the allegations in the complaint were true, there is a violation of the professions practice act. 

    If it is determined that a complaint does not reasonably allege a violation of the board's practice act, the complaint will be classified as a "Do Not Open” case and the matter will be closed. Otherwise, the case will be assigned to the appropriate chief investigator who will review the complaint, determine issues, assign case number and assign case to an investigator.


    LLR Board Hearings: Proper Preparation Can Help Protect Your Professional License

    Proper preparation for your LLR Panel or Board hearing is essential to protect your professional license. While you might expect that the Board will know everything about your case and what has occurred through the LLR investigative process, the reality is that your disciplinary hearing will be the first time that the Board has heard anything about your case.

    Our South Carolina professional license defense attorneys are experienced with handling LLR related matters. We will ensure that you are prepared, know what to expect, and that the proper remedial efforts have been made. We routinely represent clients in before the various SC LLR boards and welcome the opportunity to discuss the nature of your specific case.